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    At The Flower Petaler we know that a lot of thought goes into selecting the perfect flowers for your wedding or special event. Deciding factors include cost, seasonal availability, and the meaning of  specific flowers.
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Roses are available in a vast assortment of colors and varieties. The most impressive variety are garden roses. They are the fullest blooms and have a beautiful fragrance. Every color rose has it's own special meaning. Red means love. White signifies innocence and reverence. Pink means happiness and admiration. Yellow is for friendship and joy. Peach signifies gratitude and pride. And lavender means love at first sight. Roses are  available throughout the year and come primarily from Ecuador, South America, and Holland.


Ranunculus are more popularly known as buttercup flowers and are related to anenomes and peonies. They are associated with the arrival of spring and are symbolic of new beginings. They also symbolize attractiveness. Ranunculus are available February through June and sometimes in the fall. They are grown in a rainbow of colors; red, orange, peach, yellow, pink, and white.


The name Hydrangea comes from the Greek word meaning vessel. It signifies devotion, friendship, and understanding. Hydrangea flowers are available locally from within the United States in the summer and fall in shades of blue, pink, white, and purple. Certain colors and varieties are available from South America year round. Dutch hydrangeas are grown in an array of rich colors and unusual shades. They are pricey and available only at select times of the year.


The scientific meaning of Lily of the Valley translates to that which belongs to May. It signifies the return of happiness and blooms locally on Long Island in May. It is available from Holland only at select times of the year.


Peonies are beautiful and fragrant flowers that bloom locally on Long Island for about three weeks in the month of June. They make the most profound statement when showcased alone. They are available as cut flowers from the middle of May through early July depending on the climate. They are also available out of season from Holland for a high price at select times of the year. The colors span a spectrum of pinks from champagne to scarlet as well as white. Peonies are symbolic of a happy marriage and prosperity.